Delta Sigma Theta

  • The "Amazin'" Zeta Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta

  • National Founding Date & Location: January 13, 1913 at Howard University

    Local Founding Date: September 29, 1968

    Colors: Crimson & Creme

    Mascot/Symbol: Fortitude

    Motto: "Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom"


    Chapter Biography

    The Zeta Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was born during the height of revolutionary and social change on the campus of North Texas State (now the University of North Texas). Nineteen visionary collegiate women of high academic standings welcomed Southwest Regional Director June Brewer, members of the Ft. Worth and Dallas Alumnae Chapters to witness the chartering on September 29, 1968. Thus, Zeta Eta became the first African-American Greek letter organization on campus.


    Through innovative programs, projects and special services, Zeta Eta continues as an organization by impacting the lives of humankind in the city of Denton and the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. Some of our service contributions include:


    Breast Cancer Awareness Vigil

    Sheila Wheatley Clark Scholarship

    Carnations for the Elderly

    Ella Goode Johnson Library (located at the local MLK Center)


    DST Study Night

    Greek Explosion (charitable event)

    Lyricist Café’ (charitable event)


    Contact: President Tori Lee (